Ask Liz! Mental Health and Treatment

“What do I do to support a friend who’s severely mentally ill, but won’t pursue any treatment?” -Anonymous Dear Anonymous, This is a really tough situation to be in unfortunately. One I’ve struggled with when working in the social work field. Unfortunately there isn’t really much you can do in getting them to do any sort of treatment. If they don’t want to pursue treatment they … Continue reading Ask Liz! Mental Health and Treatment

Ask Liz: Abusive Relationships

TRIGGER WARNING DISCUSSING ABUSE IN RELATIONSHIPS “How do i know I’m in an abusive relationship if they’re not hitting me?”-Anonymous Dearest Anonymous, What makes you think you’re in an abusive relationship? This is a question only you can answer as you already seem to know it. Here’s a little bit of help to get you started in answering that question. There are many different types of … Continue reading Ask Liz: Abusive Relationships

Ask Liz: Cannabis and Mental Health

“cannabis is it ok for treating mental health?” -Anonymous Dearest Anonymous, This is a really good question and one I’ve often debated for myself. According to this article from the Times in 2016, there haven’t been many studies involving the therapeutic uses of marijuana. Later on, in the article, it states that cannabis would be beneficial for people with “depression, social anxiety, and PTSD, though it … Continue reading Ask Liz: Cannabis and Mental Health

Ask Liz: Seasonal Affective Disorder

“Seasonal depression. Why is it a thing?!!!” -Anonymous Dearest Anonymous, Thanks so much for your question! Seasonal depression aka seasonal affective disorder or SAD (ironic right?!) is definitely super annoying and super common! It tends to happen to us Mainahs more often because of our location, since we’re further away from the equator. During the winter months, we have decreased sunlight as well as longer … Continue reading Ask Liz: Seasonal Affective Disorder