46% of LGBTQ workers say they’re closeted at work, HRC study finds

A new study finds that 46% of LGBTQ workers say they are closeted at work, compared to 50% in a 2008 study by the Human Rights Campaign.

While this follows the trend toward equality and acceptance, some still consider this number as still too high.

Some even suggest that the number may increase given the current political climate and work cultures under the Trump Administration.

The HRC study also found:

▪ 1-in-5 LGBTQ workers report having been told or had coworkers imply that they should dress in a more feminine or masculine manner;

▪ 53% of LGBTQ workers report hearing jokes about lesbian or gay people at least once in a while;

▪ 31% of LGBTQ workers say they have felt unhappy or depressed at work;

▪ and the top reason LGBTQ workers don’t report negative comments they hear about LGBTQ people to a supervisor or human resources? They don’t think anything would be done about it — and they don’t want to hurt their relationships with coworkers.

Here are some of the consequences:

Read the full report.


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