UPDATE: 61 Maine House members voted to uphold LePage veto of bill banning conversion therapy

Updated on July 12, 2018 to reflect latest information from legislature’s special session.

58 House Republicans and 3 House Democrats, voted to sustain LePage’s veto of L.D. 912, a bill that seeks to ban conversion therapy for minors.

SOURCE: Rollcall Details for H Roll-call #724 LD 912 (HP 640)

LD 912 Veto Sustain-1LD 912 Veto Sustain-2LD 912 Veto Sustain-3





16 thoughts on “UPDATE: 61 Maine House members voted to uphold LePage veto of bill banning conversion therapy

  1. I didn’t realize that people who are not affected by conversion therapy, other than through ignorance have the right to tell anyone how they should live. If The Lord has created them, than who are we to tell them they don’t have a right to be who they are. Where is the compassion and love that we all should have?


  2. If you will not vote to protect the children, whom will you protect. Many on this list claim to be Christian. Yet, you rebuke Jesus when you ignore his words, “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me.”


  3. This cannot be the will of the people. Did any of you ask your constituents what they want? I know my supposed rep, Reed, did not. I will be supporting anyone who runs against him in the next election. I’m mortified by these individuals.


  4. I was ranting about this on my own wall and my friend Eric Brakey (who will face voting on this next week in the Maine Senate) explained it thusly:

    “When there are multiple committee reports, only one can be moved at a time.

    In this case, the Speaker would have recognized the Democrat Committee Chairman to move his report. Once he did, all members of the House would only have a chance to vote yes or no on that single report. If the report failed, another of the 4 reports could have been moved. But since the first report received a majority, no other report could be taken up.

    When it comes to the Senate next week, it is likely one of the alternate “Ought To Pass” reports will be moved and voted on.”

    The other three committee reports (that didn’t get a chance to be voted on) are at this link. It is likely that many (I would hope most) of the folks who voted against this ONE first voted on report that did pass, would have supported one of the other two committee reports that also would ban “conversion therapy”…



      1. When I’m wrong, I do my best to admit it. I was trying to give the benefit of the doubt, because it seems incredulous to me that this high a percentage of our Legislature could vote the way the headlines were suggesting.

        I’m going to revise my statements on this. In reading these actual reports from the link above and in speaking with a friend whom I trust who has studied all four of these committee reports far more closely than I have (someone who understands Legalese), the ONLY one which outright bans Conversion Therapy was the one which was voted on and passed. The other two of the other ‘ought to pass’ options were half measures making the appearance of opposing CT, but actually having such large loopholes and/or no enforcement provisions at all that they may as well be considered to be ‘ought not pass’ options.

        To be clear, no ‘counselor’ should be able to be licensed in the State of Maine if they are going to try to ‘cure’ anyone under the age of consent of being gay. PERSONALLY, I’d not allow such torture from any ‘religious’ community either, but that was even in the report that passed.

        While Eric is absolutely correct in clarifying the procedural statements above, the other options on the table weren’t actually seeking to BAN this harm being done to kids.

        These 68 Representatives should absolutely be called to answer for their ‘No’ votes.


  5. What is wrong with you folks. Let people live. Love is love. Don’t try to change people’s sexuality. Next it will be trying to change something else they were born with. I think you politicians have bigger fish to fry!


  6. You should all voted out of office because you are on the wrong side of most issues. The fine people of Maine deserve better than the likes of each of you. And as a note your votes did not even matter, Maine will go forward without you.


  7. Voting time is here. Time to cut these people out of power and politics. Notice every one of these bas***ds are white. Their time is limited anyway. With ranked choice voting, they can no longer rig the system to their advantage. Be sure to get out there and vote to keep ranked choice voting in Maine June 12th. Otherwise, people like this will remain in office.


  8. Totally ignorant and inhumane. There is nothing wrong with being different and it is nit up to people to decide who is acceptable and who is not. A free land would not consider this treatment because the science proves it does not work nor is is in any way a kind and loving way to be. Outrageous and ignorant and inhumane people in Maine.


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